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    Default Plaster Repair Primer Choice

    I am doing some minor wall repairs on my 1867 New Orleans house.
    I removed the wallpaper from the plaster walls in the dining room and some small areas of the white plaster topcoat delaminated from the base coat. I plan on skim coating (w/ setting compound) over these delaminated areas and also over some other roughly textured areas of the plaster topcoat. I have extensively scrubbed the walls w/ TSP to remove any and all wallpaper glue, but would also like to first apply a primer w/ good sealing and adhesive qualities to the wall before skim coating in order to start w/ a nice sealed surface that will also assist the setting compound in adhearing.
    Talking to a few of the manufacturers, I have it somewhat narrowed down to Behr No. 75 Enamel Undercoater (oil based) and the Glidden Gripper (water based) and I am leaning towards the Behr.
    Would any of you have any other preferences or input.
    Thanks so much,
    The knowledge that you all provide on this forum is priceless.

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    Default Re: Plaster Repair Primer Choice

    For your primer check for a product called Peel Stop.
    If you find it you can prime with it.
    Than use a product called Master of Plaster.
    You will apply two base coats and one finish coat this will leave your walls smooth.
    Total thickness of all coats will not exceed 3/32 inch and is very user friendly use straight from the pail unused will keep indefinitly.

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