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Thread: Rail Road Trees

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    I removed some rail road ties from our backyard and would like to put a garden where the ties used to be.

    Do I need to dig up the old dirt and replace it with new dirt or is it safe to till up the yard and plant the garden?

    I have read a lot of articles about the creosote in the posts, and didn't know if anyone knew what the proper way to do things would be. I think I even read that someone said they would leech chemicals into the soil over 30 feet away.

    Any good advice?


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    If you're thinking of planting a vegetable garden in the area, DON'T, there will likely be toxic chemicals in the soil and without sending a sample from this and surrounding areas, you won't know the toxicity level. Not something you want your veggies absorbing and passing on to you. If you're just planting landscaping, then don't worry about it, but do understand that the soil is likely toxic, so no fruit bearing trees in the vicinity, just decoratives.
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    Here's a good article on testing for toxicity and a story about railroad ties leaching lead and other metals into soil:

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