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    Default Water Heater and Water Storage Tank

    I am looking to change my hot water tank and am exploring the many options available. I have heard of a method were you would install a water storage tank for incoming water and then water from that tank would supply the hot water tank. This would allow the water to rise to room temperature in the storage tank before being heated rather than heat much colder water directly from the main. A storage tank is not that expensive however would still only like to install it if there is an energy savings involved. Any idea if this makes any sense?

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    Default Re: Water Heater and Water Storage Tank

    I have serious doubts that there would be enough energy savings to justify the expense of the tank & control valves necessary to refill the tank as it empties, etc.

    This would seem to be an ideal place inside the tank for bacteria & germs to grow, with another place for minerals to accumulate if you have hard water.

    Could you advise what type of heating system you have.

    For example, if you happen to have hydronic (hot water) heat, there would be a definite savings realized if you had an indirect HW heater installed.

    These rely on boiler piping to supply the energy to heat the hot tap water, do not require a separate burner or flue, & are very efficient.
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