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    Exclamation Please help!!


    Im getting very frustrated because i cant figure this dilema out -and i have posted on a few sites and no one has come up with an answer, although i know it probably isnt very hard.

    I have a junction box with 1 14/2 that runs to the panel, 1 14/2 that runs to 1 outlet (existing wiring in house), 1 14/2 that runs to a switch, 1 14/2 that runs to lights that are controlled by previous mentioned switch, 1 14/2 that runs to another switch that feeds other lights from that switch and 1 transformer for a low voltage doorbell.

    My questions is how do i connect the wires?

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    Black to Black
    White to White
    Bare to Bare (if present)

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    ??? the outlet, doorbell and switch should go black to black, white to white etc but the switch and light that come in together??

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    Well it is not just “black and white” lol.

    Just a couple wires to get squared away first. Re-identify the white wire that goes to the first switch you mentioned with tape or a marker. It is not a neutral.
    Next splice the black going to the first switch you mentioned to the black that goes to the light.

    Splice all of the other whites together.

    Splice all of the other blacks together along with the re-identified white that goes to the switch.

    The bell transformer ties to the last two splices I mentioned and it does not matter which wire on the transformer ties to either the black or the white groups.

    You're done.
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    As NEC says, first take cable going to switch and wrap black tape or take black marker to mark the white wire. Connect Black from panel to black to transformer/sw/lights, to black to outlet, and to white wire marked black to switch. Tie all other white wires (4) together. Tie black from switch to light black.
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