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    Default Cracks around doorways and windows

    I currently have a 1950's home in the San Francisco Bay Area (Antioch to be exact). Around the doorways, windows, and in other erroneous spots there are cracks in the drywall. Some are severe while others are hairline. I have repaired them, to only have them re-appear a few months later. My house sits at the bottom of a small hill and is supported by huge rock retaining walls. Some people have told me that this is a result of the ground shifting, while others have recommended the services of a structural engineer as no house should have these issues - please help!

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    Default Re: Cracks around doorways and windows

    Your problem is pretty common and can be exasperated by the way the drywaller installed the sheet, sounds like they butted it up against the door/window with a separate piece going across the top instead of making an "L" shaped piece to wrap around it.

    The fix is to make the crack repair wider by flairing out a good 2" either side, then put a mesh tape and spackle over it... usually fixes the problem unless the house is experiencing excessive movement. You don't get many earth tremors in the Bay area do you?

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