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Thread: Water Pressure

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    im having an issue with what I believe is high pressure in the water line. Every time the toilets are flushed on the second floor or the washing machine fills on the main level, I get a loud constant hammering in the line as the toilet fills. It stops after the toilet fills. This seems to occur on the cold water. How can this be stopped? I'm concerned about a line breakage.

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    It could be two problems and possibly both
    1) Your pressure is over 70 psi. you can check this with a pressure gauge that screws on to a hose tap with a special adapter.
    2) you have a water hammer problem, that water hammer arrestors could be missing or water logged and need recharging,

    If number one install a pressure reducing valve at the water service inlet .
    if number two shut off water and drain system, then close all taps and open slowly. if this works good if not install water hammer arrestors on every fixture or line.

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    I agree with shack.

    If you still can't find/solve the problem 1) try the sites below, and 2) Google "water hammer problems with toilet and clothes washer"
    3) while at YouTube, check out the other videos there that also address this problem.

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