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    How would someone go about fixing the posts supporting a raised porch? I can guess there would be a need for temporaries and replacement done and perhaps new footings.

    The problem is the old supporting posts seem to have come off the concrete footings and may be in need of repair.

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    It will depend on the condition of both the old posts and the concrete foundations for them. Check both out. You may be able re-use the concrete if it's in good shape and solid. If not, yes, you'll need to use some temporary posts to hold up the deck. You could nail a couple of 2x4s together and use them or a 4x4. Once you have good foundations for the legs, assess whether the old ones are in good shape or not. If not, replace them and any bracing with new wood of the same sizes. You should level the deck before you start and then take your measurements. I'd make the legs an eighth of an inch longer than they need to be, to allow for settling.

    Good Luck.

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