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    Default Paneling over popcorn

    What is the best way to install 4x8-ft paneling over popcorn-textured ceiling? Our pilot installation is the 14x6-ft slanted ceiling in a small bathroom. We plan on putting up Georgia-Pacific V-Groove primed MDF--it looks like planking. Or we might put up beadboard. Would this be enough: glue the paneling to the popcorned drywall with Liquid Nails followed by nailing? Or would it be necessary to dry sc**** the popcorn enough to lay down thin furring strips, over which I attach the paneling? If the latter, do I glue and nail as before? How should I nail these MDF sheets?

    BTW, I know everybody will tell me to remove the popcorn first, but I removed it from a downstairs bathroom using the wet method and swore I'd never do that again.

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    Default Re: Paneling over popcorn

    If you install furring strips over the popcorn you'll probably be ok, however I'd be concerned with hanging MDF because it has no structural value of it's own and will sag soon after installation. If it were my project I'd skip the MDF and go with actual T&G wood, particularly in a wet location such as a bathroom, the MDF isn't likely going to hold up to the steam and moisture. If you go with wood, sc**** the ceiling and hang it perpendicular to the rafters.
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