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Thread: Blu Ray and 5.1

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    Thanks canuk. Due to an incident a few years ago, ok twenty years ago, I have about a 50 dB hearing loss above 3k in my left ear and tinnitus. Thats why 7.1 isn't that important to me, unless I turn it up real loud. Unfortunately, loud sounds causes the tinnitus to get worse.

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    how a technology thread discussion turn into a song quoting one? this forum is crazy. I like it.
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    I plug my blu-ray into the tv with an HDMI, then use the optical out from the tv into the 5.1 home theater box, and select it via the "aux 1" input toggle. The TV is processing the audio, and the receiver is doing it's thing. The optical is a digital signal so I figure it's all good, and it sounds proper.
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