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Thread: Blu Ray and 5.1

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    Default Blu Ray and 5.1

    I saw a nice surround sound receiver that has all the features that I currently need but don't have in my current surround receiver. It has switchable outlets so it will cut power to the sub woofer when not in use, It has multiple HDMI in as I need another HDMI port and it has multiple fiber in.

    The issue is that I am looking into replacing my DVD recorder with a Blu Ray. Blu Ray has a 7.1 output. I am not that interested in 7.1. Will the Blu Ray take the 7.1 media and output a 5.1? Is this a case where both are available in the new format. Should I continue to look for a 7.1 receiver? So far I haven't found a 7.1 that meets all my requirements and like I said. I don't care that much for 7.1.
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