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    Default Anyone use X10 or Insteon products?

    Does anyone have any experience with or opinions on x10 or Insteon products? I love the idea of wireless but not sure how well it works.
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    Default Re: Anyone use X10 or Insteon products?

    I have an X10 system. It works okay. It's very difficult to get everything to work consistently. I usually can only get 1 or 2 of the 4 camera's working.
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    Smile Re: Anyone use X10 or Insteon products?

    Two things I've learned are: first teach a Insteon device with a x.10 master switch. Second I bought a Mesenger Hub to extend the signal on a problem device.

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    Default Re: Anyone use X10 or Insteon products?

    I recommend the switch to Insteon, I have Insteon and it has been 100% reliable while X10 definitely was not. Yes Insteon is great give it a try and you will love it.X10 is good to start getting a feel for automation. The x10 reliability mostly depends on your house and installed electronics.

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