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    Default Jado Single Lever Valve Body Disassembly Help

    I have a Jado bathroom faucet lav. Every couple of years the lever collet breaks (cheap pot metal) and the handle
    Freezes to it because of hard water. I cannot remember how I got the clip off to be able to get brass nut off.
    Can't find specs. Can anyone help me. Also are channel locks okay to get the nut off or is there a special tool? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Jado Single Lever Valve Body Disassembly Help

    If it breaks on you every couple of years, why not replace it with something that you'll never have to touch again? Delta and Pfister are both excellent brands with lots of models to choose from.
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    Default Re: Jado Single Lever Valve Body Disassembly Help

    Jado Faucet was an American Standard company and was phased out some time ago. I doubt that you can find parts, and even if you do, the search will make it uneconomical.

    If it were me, I would not even think twice, and replace the faucet.

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