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    Default tiling over plywood

    is there anyway of tiling over plywood without using backerboard.i have 1/2in over 5/8 t&g subfloors

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    Default Re: tiling over plywood

    Sure you can but I would suggest the plywood be rough side up for extra texture for the mortar to adhere to.
    The other consideration is the deflection of the floor .... regardless of the plywood and planks underneath if there's bounce the tiles or grout lines stand a good chance of cracking.
    You might consider also applying a decoupling membrane over the plywood before the tiles.
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    Default Re: tiling over plywood


    As long as your floor isn't deflecting , it is very common to use plywood underneath.

    Be sure it is screwed off very well or it can bubble when the thinset mortar soaks in. Absolutely screw it in a 6" square pattern.

    I have seen poorly nailed plywood buckle up under a new tile floor by the next day from lack of preparation so be wise and secure the plywood well and you will be fine.

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    Default Re: tiling over plywood

    If you didnt want to use backerboard you could try using some wire mesh lath and staple that to the plywood to make sure the mortar has a good bond to the floor.

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