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    Default hot water in toilet tank


    during these summer months, after we have watered the lawn for an hour or more, we have noticed that the toilet tank water becomes scalding hot!

    we live in Oakville, Ontario and have no other seasonal problems with the toilets but this one.

    is anyone able to shed some knowledge on this and how we can fix it ourselves?

    thank you!

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    Default Re: hot water in toilet tank

    It's hard to determine with the little info you gave.

    I have hot and cold copper water pipes in the attic. On hot days, the attic temp reaches 150F, and the water in the cold pipes comes out very hot, for quite some time. So hot, that I can put the water heater on "vacation" mode and still enjoy warm showers. Maybe you have a similar situation.

    Tell us more about your pipes.

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    Default Re: hot water in toilet tank

    I doubt that the water pipes run through the attic in Canada. during January the temperature would be well below freezing. I would think that there is some sort of by pass on the plumbing system low pressure on the cold side causes hot water which is at a higher pressure to flow on the cold side. A bypass is where hot and cold are connected together this can happen on some faucets, washers. A good old school plumber is your best choice to spot it. Also i think your toilet may be running on.


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    Default Re: hot water in toilet tank

    Bill's likely correct. Do you have enough access to the pipes to feel where the hot water flow seems to originate?

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