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    Question Remove paint from tine ceiling

    I just scrapped my tin ceiling and got all of the loose paint off now I want to remove the rest and am not sure what to use.
    I read somewhere that oven cleaner works, but I think that is very caustic and I don't want to work with that. Would smart strip work? Or something else?

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    Default Re: Remove paint from tine ceiling

    Not sure what you mean. When you say you "scrapped your tin ceiling", does that mean that you tore it off the ceiling or what? What are you trying to get the paint off, the tin, the drywall or plaster beneath it, or what. A little more information may get you a better recommendation from the group.

    We'll look forward to your update.

    Good Luck.

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    Question Re: Remove paint from tine ceiling

    I have removed the loose paint from my antique tin ceiling and now have used smart strip by peel away....it is a less caustic version of peel away. It only loosened up the top layer which we were able to remove. I tried it again and it really didn't loosen up the other layers of paint. The tin is still on the ceiling which makes it hard to to use thin products...gravity! I am wondering if there is any other way to remove the paint without using a really caustic product. Like maybe sanding or steam or heat? We are going to re-paint the ceiling when all of the previous paint is removed. Any suggestions would be great!

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