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    Default Breaking big rock in backyard

    I had to break a big limestone rock in the back yard recently.
    Sledgehammers were all but useless.
    Talked to a friend about the problem and he said his boss had just the tool I needed.
    The next Saturday he brought the tool over, The Micro-Blaster
    In less than hour we broke up the 2 ton boulder, removed the pieces and were done.
    Amazing tool and fun to use!
    The company that makes it is called Ezebreak.
    Check out their website:
    Has anyone else seen this?

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    Default Re: Breaking big rock in backyard

    Quote Originally Posted by 9one View Post
    Sledgehammers were all but useless.
    Don't blame the sledgehammer because you don't know how to use them... with feathers and wedges I've moved more rock then I care to think about.

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