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    Default Storing items from rented out rooms!!

    When I faced a hard financial situation, we have planned to rent 2 rooms of our house for a little extra income. Now we are facing difficulty in deciding what to do with the items in that room. We thought of selling or giving it away, but the thought of having better days back some time in the future made us decide against it. Now the most promising option we have is to use any public storage facility like Jiffy Storage or Migson Storage. But as we have never used such facilities before, we don’t have much idea about their services. Are they safe for storing your important items?
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    Default Re: Storing items from rented out rooms!!

    A lot of people use them but be aware that if you fall behind in rental payments you may lose you stuff. A serious consideration during rough financial times.

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    Default Re: Storing items from rented out rooms!!

    Jack, you're slipping, this is spam with the sole purpose to get a web link posted. Use your wizard abilities and 86 this thing!
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