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    Default Bathroom Sink leaky Faucets

    I shut off the water to the faucets. The shutoff handles are directly under the sink. The faucets are still running water. It's a steady stream of water for both, approx 1/4 inch in diameter. How long does it take for water to stop running once the water line is shut off? I've had the faucets open for at least 5 minutes.

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    Default Re: Bathroom Sink leaky Faucets

    If you turn off the angle stops under the sink and it's still running, then the angle stops are faulty. Other than a couple drips to relieve the pressure in the valve and short supply lines from the angle stops, you should not have any running water. Turn the water off at the main, where it comes into the house and open the faucet in question, then open a hosebib outside to drain the house lines down a little bit. Replace the angle stops while your repairing or replacing the faucet. The best style to replace with are ball valves because they do not have a seat that retains a "memory" that are prone to leakage like your current angle stops.
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