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    Default Help with adjusting door or strike plate...

    I just installed new hardware on the front door of my home. However, now when I close the door it does not close flush against the door seal. At night, I can see light from my porch light coming in around the door. How can I fix this? It's as if the new latch and strike plate are not tight enough to have the door close all the way. It latches shut, just not tightly against the door seals. Winter is coming and it will be like leaving a window open! Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Help with adjusting door or strike plate...

    Is the problem (the gapsiosis) evident on the hinge side of the door as well? ...or is it a latch side problem only/primarily?

    Any chance of a few pics of the door, new hardware and problem areas?
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