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    Default Scaling on interior plaster wall

    I am a Realtor and have listed a brick home built in 1936 with plaster/lath walls. The south facing wall had ivy on it until last September. The inside p/l wall had some scaling that we sc****d off, applied drywall mud, sanded, and painted. Within a week there was new scaling. We repeated the process, tried sealing with spray paint, dried with a space heater, etc, everytime the scaling returns. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Scaling on interior plaster wall

    Sounds like there's moisture inside the wall. From what you've told us, it also sounds like you may be at the point where you're going to have to take some advanced steps.

    You might want to contact someone like a Servicemaster franchise and have them come over and check the wall for moisture. They have sensors that will tell the tale. Like any water problem, they could address yours. They would punch some holes in the bottom of the wall, seal the room, and run fans for a couple of days and then check the walls for moisture again. They also patch and paint.

    It'll cost some $$ but if you want to sell the house, you may have to invest. Also, you'll have to disclose the moisture problem to buyers and it would be nice to be able to say you had it addressed by a spe******t.

    You also need to get the outside brick sealed to keep any future moisture from coming in through the grout. It's a quick and easy process. Just spray it on.

    Good Luck.

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