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    Default Cutting smaller tile out of larger pieces

    Never tiled before and wanting to cut 16x16 inch porcelain tiles into 2x4 tiles for backsplash. My worry is that the with the edges being straight cut and not tapered slightly as when bought in the larger size that the edges will be exposed and higher than grout when finished. Any advice to me on cutting larger pieces into smaller?? Thank You.

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    Default Re: Cutting smaller tile out of larger pieces

    I would not cut the tile for a complete backsplash. You will get sharp edges and little nicks as you cut it. You will have enough cutting to do around windows, electrical, etc. My opinion is that if you cut them, your results will look like you tried to save a few pennies.

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    Default Re: Cutting smaller tile out of larger pieces

    If you did cut them all perfectly nice and straight with a wet saw, you would have to use all the cut edge ones and disguise the tapered edge ones in corners so as to maintain the same look of rustic course edged tile. That way you could keep the grout rather high up in the grooves and keep them all the same.

    tiling can be rustic looking if that is you wish and you can soften the cut edges with sand paper. Some wall tiles are soft enough to sand but most floor tiles are hardened different and may not sand well.

    depends on the look you are trying to achieve.

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