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    Default Three Season Cottage

    I am renovating a 3 season cottage. During the winter all the pipes are drained and the house freezes up, it is located in Maine, where it gets plenty cold.
    I am re-doing two bathrooms. Can I tile the showers or back splash, or use stone and mortar?
    Or will it all crack during the winter? Most of the other cottages have fiberglass or plastic shower stalls, but I'm pretty handy and wanted something better; perhaps river rocks or some nice tile work. Also, does the same answer hold for a tile backsplash in the kitchen?

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    Default Re: Three Season Cottage

    Our three season family cottage has a tiled bath and shower and my Dad did it in the 60's.

    We have even patched where it got damaged around the faucets and its fine.

    Knock yourself out. Tiling is acceptable.

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