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    Arrow Old-looking patio/pool tiles - how to make them look better?


    We have a patio that's been getting a lot of sun over the past 12 years. The tiles look really tired. Is there anything not madly labor-intensive that we can do to freshen them up, short of replacing them all at great expense?

    There are two types:
    - The rim of the pool has smooth-surfaced terracotta tiles.
    - The patio is also terracotta, but the texture of the tiles is a little rougher, almost brick-like.
    (Sorry, I don't know the correct material names.)

    They have been pressure-spray cleaned, so that's OK. It's just that the color looks washed out and the surfaces look matt and drab, rather than the lovely satin sheen and depth of color they had when they were new.

    Thanks for any tips.
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