I have a rooftop antenna that powers about 8 devices in my house, but it requires an amplifier to work. I'm about 30 miles from most of the stations I tune to. It will power one device only without the amplifier but splitter losses overcome it when multiple devices are hooked up.

Anyway, got the wife a new antenna for the upstairs bedroom. No more spots left on the rooftop so I tried "rabbit ears". Even with an amplifier, it didn't work. Found this on the net and made one. Works like a champ on one device, don't think it will do two devices though, signal strength appears to be just adequate for one device.


Instead of buying the project box, I made a box from scrap wood, one 12x12" piece of 1/8" lauan plywood and some 1x4 for edges. Used a piece of aluminum foil across the back (open side of the box) for a reflector and mounted the antenna elements on the face of the box. Used 18 ga copper wire to make the elements.

This is a single iteration fractal. Tried to make a larger 2 iteration version, didn't work. As with most things in electronics, only odd numbered iterations work and a 3rd iteration would take way too long to make. I might try making another one iteration with 1.5" legs instead of 1", I think that would probably work better, I'll let you know if I do and if it does. 2" legs might even work better as it would be closer in size to the Grey Hoverman design that works well in fringe areas.