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    Default silt in hot water

    I noticed others having similar problem. I have city water,and a new gas hot water heater . I have tinted hot water. no other known problems in area. even if it looks clear, when water drains there is silt on the floor of tub. Did any one resolve this issue? I have also tried many attempts to fix but no luck.

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    Default Re: silt in hot water

    I had this problem at one point too with my house which was built in the 1900 in the city of Syracuse. The only thing that I did was install a whole house water filter from Home Depot. Total cost was about $120 with all the parts. Since then I have had no problems. I did however install a tankless hot water heater too, which won't accumulate the silt in the bottem then redistribute it around your house when you use it. But I would suggest trying the whole house filter then flush out your hot water heater, and make sure you continue to flush it every 3-6 months to keep it functioning properly.

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