First off, I'll admit I'm likely making more of an issue out of something than there is. I got my June issue a couple days ago and the cover bothers me. It's been over Photoshopped and it's a poor job at that. Now I know most covers/pictures are probably corrected, but this one is just obvious. I started looking close at the cover because the underlying picture didn't make sense. There would never be such a large unbroken wall on the front porch of a house. Sure enough, looking at the feature article on the inside from which the image was sourced, they had completely taken out a window! I know it was done to provide a background for text, but it wrecked the base image.

That big change made me go poking around for more. It's minor, but the cover is a mirror image of the real house.

Also, the furniture on the cover is clearly a digital darkroom add. Look at the wicker chair on the bottom left - it's floating on the wall!

Lastly, and I can't be sure, but I think there may have been some landscaping adds or changes. Looking at the far away whole house shot on the inside of the mag, the trees don't seem to make sense. I think it's most likely that the inside picture deleted some trees to give a better view of the whole house.

Like I said originally, I'm probably making more of something than is there. But I do appreciate and expect authenticity and accuracy, particularly in TOH. I often try to piece together different views of rooms & houses to get a better understanding of the whole look/layout than is presented in the mag due to space. It's frustrating when things don't add up because of things like moved windows.