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    Default Insert T connection in galvanized line

    I'm wanting to put a outside hose connection on my house and have a galvanized cold water supply running about 10' from the outside wall location in the crawlspace. Need help in process of installing some type of connection to feed a new outlet. The entire house is galvanized and don't have money to replumb it yet.


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    Default Re: Insert T connection in galvanized line

    You could use a saddle tee. You clamp it on the existing pipe, drill a hole into the pipe, then thread the new pipe into it.

    Be sure to remove faucet aerators and flush all the lines downstream of the saddle tee to remove any metal debris that might get inside of the existing pipe. If there's a toilet, also disconnect the supply tube and flush that line; debris can get trapped in the float valve and hinder its operation.
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    Default Re: Insert T connection in galvanized line

    Here's and example of a saddle tee http://www.theskinnercompany.com/saddle_tee.htm
    I would recommend you also use their drilling tool so you don't mess up the threads.
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