Arguably the worst winter Boston has ever seen has created some leakage in my house.

I had one leak coming in between the main house and the addition. Possible causes are the dams on the main roof, the addition's roof or the seam between the 2.

When it was leaking it acted just like an ice dam - stopped at night, restarts in the morning. I've since had a roofer remove snow and dams twice!!! That leak is under control/stopped. My question is IF it really came from the main roof along the inside of the exterior wall, how is it I see no damage in the attic or on the top floor (ceiling and walls seem completely unaffected)??? BTW, very old brick house with NO insulation in the walls and a slate roof. The addition is rolled asphalt.

Another leak is on the front of the house in the mudroom. Possible cause there is the dam on the main roof or maybe even the mudroom's roof flashing (a lot of water coming down the face of the house and possibly entering underneath the flashing). Same deal with this leak as there is no evidence of issues on the top floor and I see no clear entry in the attic.

Thanks for any ideas.

Looking forward to a spring filled with insulation projects.