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    Would like to know how to prep chrome for painting. We want to paint the tracks that sliding glass doors runs along. We are replacing the mirrored doors with wood and don't like the chrome finish. Any suggestions?
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    It's not generally recommended to paint chrome and on anything that wears it won't stick well enough to work. However it can be done successfully given the right circumstances- I have painted chrome bumpers and mirrors and such on old trucks which have held up decently well. I used spray cans and renewed the finish a couple three times a year as needed.

    What I did was first clean with acetone or xylene, something to cut oils and evaporate completely. Then I sanded with fine grade paper- anything 150 grit of finer will do. it's not going to look like anything is happening but it is, trust me. Renew the sandpaper frequently. Degrease again and spray. Brushing into bushes and small limbs might surface scratch the paint, stones and hard objects will chip it. Can't say what other types of paint will act like here, but if there is any abrasion involved such as metal doors touching as they slide, that will probably take the paint off where the contact occurs- untouched surfaces like the faces should do OK. The problem is that chrome is super-smooth so the paint can't bits- hence the sanding which leaves minute surface scratches allowing it to bite and hold.

    You can try this, I don't see what would be lost other than a little time, effort, and paint. Let us know your results!


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