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    Anyone ever install one? Anyone have any advice. I'm dealing with 30 feet of dryer vent with 3 90 degree bends.

    A dryer booster is a good idea in principle, but do they really work. Plenty of infomercials feature products that are good in theory, but don't work or do what they claim.

    It makes me a little nervous that none of the major big box hardware stores carry them, I also am a little apprehensive about feeding electricity into a dryer vent with the lint and fire hazard.

    I was looking at the Suncourt Dry04 and so far have found two good reviews on it.

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    Code in many areas forbid their use. It is never a good idea to have a blower in a line that can fill with lint. One lint ball can jam the blower, the blower over heat, and now your house is on fire. If you read the installation instructions
    "1. Never use this product to exhaust hazardous or flammable materials, vapors or gases."

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