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    Default replacing tub with shower

    I have a fiberglass tub enclosure and want to replace it with just a shower. The foundation is concrete and no basement. Can I get a shower pan the size of a standard tub but with the drain hole at one end so I don't have to move the drain? Or what is the easiest way of solving this problem. Would like to do most of the work myself, but have limited plumbing experience and limited resources.


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    Default Re: replacing tub with shower

    I really gotta get back to work but heres a link real quick..
    I've done several showers using the Kerdi system by schluter and love them..and yes..they even have one for you (32x60) Follow the links and you'll even find a video as to how to do it. I think there;s a video on this site too and if not just Google Schluter.
    Have fun

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    Default Re: replacing tub with shower

    There are products available that replace a 60x32 bath tub and have the drain at one end instead of the center.

    These can come in acrylic or you can have them made from solid surface material as well.

    For example check this link :

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