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    Default HELP Clogged drain

    My tub/shower drain is clogged.

    I have removed the drain plate cleaned out all hair and soap, when that did not take care of the problem I Plunged it while holding a wet rag over the overflow plate, I did this for hours.

    This morning I went to the Hardware store and bought a cable auger (the rigid power-spin). As I turned the the auger I eventually reached what I assume is the clog, the cable just began to buckle and despite my best efforts would not go any further.

    Due to my lease I cannot use liquid plumber.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, please help, I am beginning to smell and my wife is ready to kill me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: HELP Clogged drain

    If you cant get to the P Trap with out cutting rock then I would try the liquid plumber

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