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    Angry bathroom faucet replacement--HELP!!!

    I replaced my bathroom faucet because I tried to repair it, but that didn't work. I put the new faucet in and hooked the water supply back up and turned the water on at the valve. The water comes out of the valve, not the faucet!!! I don't know what I did wrong. I did replace the kitchen faucet, alson--that was a job, too--long story for another time. Thanks for any and all help! Cyclone56

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    Default Re: bathroom faucet replacement--HELP!!!

    It's kind of like a tire. If you can see the air inside of the tire it usually means it is flat. In your case you can see water other than what flows out of the faucet. Same difference.
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    Default Re: bathroom faucet replacement--HELP!!!

    Not enough information. Is the water coming out around the valve stem or around the supply tube? Did you install a new supply line also? Are you talking about a leak or do you mean you have water at the valve but not out of the faucet?
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