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    Default Can you paint or stain exposed aggregate?

    I hate the look of my existing exposed aggregate porch. What are my options? My web searches thus far have been unsuccessful.

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    Default Re: Can you paint or stain exposed aggregate?

    Your best options are:
    1- demo/replace with something else you like better
    2- Cap with another pour or tile if you have the clearance at doors and it doesn't affect steps etc.
    3- Have a terrazo company grind it flat (aggregate will still show though)
    4- paint either as-is or after #3

    Painting as-is won't be durable; the wear will be concentrated only on the exposed raised aggregate and it might make it very slippery too. Plus after seeing that done I think it's about the only way to make it look worse. If the quantity is small enough I'd demo and re-pour with concrete. If you want color, mortar dye added to the mix makes that easy and is more consistent than staining later on. Careful with the dye powder- it permanently stains anything it gets on with any dampness including skin!


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