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    Default Replace Double Door with Single

    Is there any way to replace a double exterior door with a single door without re-siding the house? I was thinking of building faux columns against the house to create an entryway space and doing something different between the columns, but it's just the back doors from my dining room to my deck so that seems a bit much.

    Are there such things as fake sidelights? Maybe just some made of all wood that are only visible from the outside? That seems like the perfect option.
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    Default Re: Replace Double Door with Single

    Briefly to answer your question, it can be done. Just remember that exterior doors wider than 42" tend to be a bit heavy and will sag in time.

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    Default Re: Replace Double Door with Single

    Since it appears you don't want sidelights on the inside, you could install sidelights, then on the inside either paint the glass a solid color, or install a frosted film then have a solid color panel just inside. Then you can sheetrock over the inside so it just looks like an ordinary wall.

    Similar treatment is done in commercial buildings where the exterior envelope is all glass, but it's necessary to have traditional wall surfaces on the inside.
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