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    Default Father's Day 2009

    Any new home stuff, hardware, and/ or tools on your wish list this year?

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    Default Re: Father's Day 2009

    I'm interested in the Multi-tasker type tool, you know the ones you see on tv made by Fein, Rockwell and Dremel. I have heard though that ome of them have overheating issues. Anyone out there have one of these and what do you think about it?
    Best, Mark

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    Default Re: Father's Day 2009

    I like the new sheetrock cutter at HD & Lowes it uses a magnet and a cutting wheel and cuts the top and bottom at the same time, has anybody else seen it?

    Oklahoma City, OK

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    Default Re: Father's Day 2009

    Help! About the second-from-last episode on the Weston House (very upscale "barn"), Roger used a "blower" to clear some dust from several holes drilled in a large boulder next to the driveway (to help split it). The blower resembled a "turkey baster": a plastic or rubber device with an air chamber "bulb" at one end and a nozzle at the other. Squeezing the bulb blew air out of the nozzle. The blower was probably around 10 inches long. This looked like a useful tool with multiple uses around the yard and shop. What is the tool called, and where could I possibly find and purchase one (or several)? Incidentally, Roger had to bring in power equipment to finally break up the boulder. Thanks!

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