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    Default new Kohler toilet tank gasket

    I am reinstalling a Kolher 2-piece toilet after having an new floor installed. The rubber gasket under the tank was damaged a bit, so I went to the plumbing store and bought a new one, along with three new brass bolts with rubber washers. The gasket has posts that go up into the bolt holes in the bottom of the tank, and the bolts go through a hole the middle of the posts. I notice that the posts don't fit as tightly into the holes in the tank as the old gasket did, and more surprisingly, the post extend up into the tank what seems like a long way, maybe a quarter or three-eighths of an inch. Should I just go ahead and install to bolts with the rubber washers and let the bolt head smush down the posts in gasket, or should I trim off the posts flush with the floor of the tank? Obviously I don't want a leak. Thanks.

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    Default Re: new Kohler toilet tank gasket

    Leave them long. They are designed to crush and seal the holes around the bolts.
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