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    Default Re: 3 way dimmers. I'm feeling pretty dim.

    is that foam in the box? I wonder if there is not enough free air in the box.

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    Default Re: 3 way dimmers. I'm feeling pretty dim.

    Quote Originally Posted by brettmarl View Post
    true. today i got up at 5am to bbq a 10lb pork butt, did a huge dump run, baked cookies, poured concrete, installed a toilet, reglazed a door, picked out my 55" LCD TV for the basement project finale, and drank copious amounts of beer. not sure where i'm going to squeeze in all that extra mudding practice
    Did the dump run come before or after you installed the new toilet?........ I mean for the families sake. Broan makes some excellent exhaust fans! Whew!....... outta here!

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