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    Exclamation Is the main line clogged?

    I am having a plumming dissaster. About every week I have where no matter if I use a sink ,tub ,or toilet I am getting a flow of water that is comming up the sides of the toilet by the floor.I have had a plumer come in and snake the main line from pulling up the toilet to going up to the roof and clearing. All the plumber is saing is that I have roots in my main line. Is this true how do I fix it and can I do it personally and if so how? The plumber wants $4000.00 for redoing the main line!!!! HELP!!!

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    Default Re: Is the main line clogged?

    Sounds like he's guessing that's there's roots in the pipes. Did he put a video camera down there to see exactly what the problem is? If not then it's well worth the couple hundred to have it done. They can tell exactly what your problem is and where it is so you're not shelling out big bucks on an exploration. Then you can decide if you want to tackle it yourself.
    I had a problem similar to yours. Luckily my problem was between the sidewalk and the main line for the city under the street. Since it was on city property they took care of it. Cost to me = $0. Turned out to be a broken terracotta pipe that was 70 yrs old.

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