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    Default Contacting producers of TOH

    Having seen two episodes where Tommy gave wrong advice involving flashing.

    How do I contact him or the producers to explain the advice that if followed will cause water/mold damage?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Contacting producers of TOH

    Tommy? wrong advice? nah, no way...but maybe, could be, who knows?

    This forum is kind of independent from the show, so try contacting the show directly. Click on "TV shows" above the teal green bar and see if you get somewhere.

    Let us know.

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    Default Re: Contacting producers of TOH

    Keep in mind that methods and codes vary from location to location. I'm not saying what he did was correct, anyone can make a mistake, even Tommy, I'm just saying that it is possible that what he did was appropriate in that particular instance.

    Good luck contacting the show/producers, that is a separate entity from the magazine and this forum. The people involved with the show do not participate on this forum, wish they did, but they don't.
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