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    Default patio edging for offset pavers

    We are installing a patio with 16" sandstone pavers in an offet pattern but are choosing not to put 1/2 stones on the shorter ends to make a straight edges. we want to plant succulents etc in these spaces. it is WELL built with very compacted crush & run and the pavers are set in granite dust. we have 1" wood spacers between the stones and will take those out and fill in with concrete making concrete spacers. The patio is on a slight grade and surrounded by a mix of good dirt and Georgia Clay.

    We don't want to use the typical patio edgers to hold the form of the patio b/c we don't have a straight edge. any thoughts on reinforcing the placement of the patio to ward against heaving, shifting etc?

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    Default Re: patio edging for offset pavers

    Heave comes from below, so if you've set a proper base, which sounds like you have, then this won't be an issue. As far as shifting, that really isn't going to be a problem unless the step stones are on a pretty good incline, which doesn't like the case.

    When you remove the wood spacers and install the concrete, allow the concrete to be 1" to 2" deeper than the step stones, this will act as cleats and hold things in place better. As the succulents and grass grows up to the edges, their root structures will also stabilize the soil and solidify the edges.
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