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    Default Are the salvaged beams loadbearing?

    Something that has not been explained on the show regarding the Weston house is whether the beams in the dinning room that were salvaged from a ship loadbearing in anyway or are they just decorative? Would the ceiling fall if the beams were removed? I'm referring only to the salvaged beams from the ship.

    I'd like to get thru to the architect but there's no link for that. Does anyone know?

    Just curious
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    Default Re: Are the salvaged beams loadbearing?

    They are in a way load bearing. As a post and beam construction those mortised and tennoned ribs are going to help those long walls stay up plus look great.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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    Default Re: Are the salvaged beams loadbearing?

    Those salvaged timbers are not just a decorative element. They prevent the frame from racking, in other words they keep the structure square and the posts perpedicular to the beams. In some applications this would be known as a gusset. Wikipedia describes a gusset this way: gusset plates are frequently used to connect any number of beams or truss members to load-bearing columns. Their function is critical to the integrity of the structure they are supporting

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