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    Default Interior Wall Material

    Looking at buying an old home south of Dallas. Farmhouse was built in 1888 with the interior walls being 1x12 boards nailed horziontally to interior walls, covered with material fabric wallpaper. This has been covered over with what looks to be beaver board interior insulation board. This looks to be a composite of wood fibers, approx 3/8 " thick. Could this material contain asbestos? Due to age of the walls , would the probability be that the paint that was used contained lead? The walls feel as if they are not anchored properly as they can be pushed in to the backing boards. What can be done with this product. It it structurally OK? Can I patch with tape and mud? Will it support items hanging from walls? All help greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Interior Wall Material

    You can have samples tested for asbestos. Look on line for testing labs.

    It's hard to say without inspection if the wall is in good condition or not. You can invite some drywall contractors for evaluation and estimates.

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