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    Default Manifold replacement

    I have no hot water in my shower. I live in a condo and the hot water is good in the kitchen and bathroom sinks, but not in the shower.

    Single-lever manifold (moen). I want to know if I have to replace the whole manifold, and can I do it without tearing out the tile wall. I am just fine with installing a manifold. Done several remodels and sweating pipe is fine, but I would prefer to not have to replace tile and waterproofing.


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    Default Re: Manifold replacement

    Depends on what's wrong with it. It could just need the anti-scald device adjusted, it might be plugged with debris, or it might just need a rebuild.

    If you do have to change out the whole valve, you can do it from the back if you've got access to that wall.
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