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    Default Rebuilding a large gable end

    I have a stick built house that was built in the late 70s. It was sided with masonite, which was replaced in the mid-90s. The masonite is starting to go bad again, and this time I plan to replace it with hardi plank. I live in the south-east (central NC).

    The house is a Dutch Colonial style, with shingles coming down over the second story walls. The house has large gable vents (10 ft wide, 2 ft rise). In looking at the gable vents, I can't tell if they were made on-site or purchased and installed. They appear to be made out of southern yellow pine, and the bottom board has begun to rot. I've checked my local stores and they don't offer gable vent assemblies as large as mine.

    I definitely need as much ventilation as I can get through the ends. The house is a Dutch Colonial style, so there are no eaves with vents for air to flow into the attic. I put a new roof on the house about five years ago, and the ridge cap venting was added. The only air coming in is through the gable ends

    I cut a section out of the base board on the gable end to see what the profile looks like. It appears to be a 2x4 that has a groove cut into the bottom for the siding to insert into. The top has been shaved down 1/2" on the outside top, with an angled cut that meets the bottom slat.

    I can build this myself if I can find a source for the bottom board. Everything else appears to be 1x4s. So I'm looking for two things. Does anybody make the bottom boards pre-formed in the shape I need? And what are my material options. My neighbor recommended using cedar wood and having a wood shop make it in the shape I need. I thought about using the foam filled vinyl or PVC products similar to the window sill and brickmould pieces I recently used to replace bad wood around my windows.

    What are your thoughts?


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    Default Re: Rebuilding a large gable end

    If you can't find replacement materials in the profile that you need, then you have no other choice but to either mill it yourself, or hire a shop to do it for you.
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    Default Re: Rebuilding a large gable end

    You can cut this yourself fairly easily with just a table saw from whatever species of wood you prefer- cedar is a good choice. Do be sure to cut a 'drip groove' just inside the outermost edge underneath; this may not have been done originally but it needs that. If the ends extend into the sloped portion, I would suggest that you cut to length, then cut those angles before you finish all the milling so you will have a 'square' surface to work from. Otherwise getting them right is a real chore with lots of blue air involved. Please don't ask me how I know this!


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