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    Default Adjustable Threshold

    I have an adjustable threshold on my exterior door and the adjusting screws are rusted tight. I tried WD40 a couple of times to loosen and they wont budge. Do not want to strip or break screw heads. Looking for a solution.

    Thank you,
    Paul G

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    Default Re: Adjustable Threshold

    You might want to try a better penetrating oil like liquid wrench or PB blaster.

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    Default Re: Adjustable Threshold

    Some of these have a female thread on the part you see which fits over a metal stud underneath and no penetrating oil will help. Do try it though, giving it a day or two to soak in. Then use a screwdriver which fully fits the slots, not something smaller. Give the screws a few solid but not hard taps with a hammer, then try your luck. If your luck is like mine you may need to replace the threshold- some of these get stuck as solidly as if they were welded; the worst are when they use aluminum screws on steel studs.


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