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    Default new bathroom sewer pipe

    here goes i'm having to build a new bathroom on my house termites have eaten the old bathroom so i'm tearing down the old room and building new rooms one at a time ground to roof .i need to know how to hook up the new bathroom to the old sewer line it is about 20 foot from the old toilet connection there is no basement only crawl space that i dug out with my tractor .i can not hire anyone to do it because i'm a disable veteran and on a budget so any advise on how to do it is welcomed .i'm a novice and teaching myself as i go thank you in advance

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    Default Re: new bathroom sewer pipe

    In my city, drain connections must be inspected by the building and safety department's inspector. I believe that it's the same all over the country - and even in the White House.

    Talk to a local plumber, explain your situation and see if you can get a deal.

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    Default Re: new bathroom sewer pipe


    Since there will be tile involved, the fine folks at the John Bridge Tile Forum can help you with all the steps needed, including the ability to post pictures.

    Take a few photos, then start a new thread there.

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