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    Default Water behind vinyl siding

    Been raining for a couple hours. Opened the garage over head door and noticed a drip
    The drip was coming from the nails that is hold the top weather strip for the OHD. I popped
    Off a lower piece of siding and cut a small hole in the foam insulation. The sheathing
    Was wet! Last year I siliconed the J-Chanel by the roofline. It is still I intact. Also I have no roof overhang.
    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    Roof is only a few years old
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    Default Re: Water behind vinyl siding

    Hi, If the water is getting behind the siding from a leaky roof or no roof overhang, this can be fixed. An overhang can be added any time the roofing needs to be replaced. You can add a grid of strapping over the old roof to make a vent system and extended the strapping beyond the edge of the roof to make the overhang. The new roofing can be installed over this grid. Thanks

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    Default Re: Water behind vinyl siding

    Having no overhang is a bad idea, but there you are. There should be housewrap between the sheathing and siding, water on the outside of that is OK if it's installed properly. If there is nothing under the siding you need to add it. New or old, there could be an issue with the roofing or it could be the siding allowing water in. Vinyl siding isn't 100% waterproof at the joints but it is designed to do well enough so long as there is something waterproof behind it. You need to 'dig' until you find where the water is getting in and fix that or you may discover the header eventually rotted away and that isn't a small repair job. Too late now but I would hope the roofer used a wide edge shingle strip to create as long an overhang with the best sealing as he could but if not you need at least that when re-shingleing the next time. A real overhang- even a smallish one- will be much, much better and easy to do at that point.


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