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    Default Removing an Apron Sink

    In 2010 we gutted and renovated our kitchen. During that time we put in a composite apron sink. We are now noticing hairline cracks around the drain. Our thought is the the garbage disposal tightens the drain as it works, causing these cracks. We are not sure what would be the best approach to replacing the sink (if/when necessary). Our thought is to disassemble the cabinet and try to remove the sink without cracking the granite. I know that the sink is also glued in and will be difficult to remove.

    Hoping to gain some advice.
    Thank you,

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    Default Re: Removing an Apron Sink

    Find a local granite installer - a high end one. They may have method to dissolve the epoxy that holds the sink in place. You may have to pay them well to do the work, but saving your counter could be worth it.
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    Default Re: Removing an Apron Sink

    I agree, only a professional should touch this one.

    If you DIY, one wrong tap and your granite is history.

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    Default Re: Removing an Apron Sink

    Geez, hopefully the countertop did not get epoxy-ed to the sink! The connection needs only to be waterproof, not structural. It ought to be silicone. When I put in my apron sink, I installed it on wood rails I needed to add to the cabinet sides to carry the weight, and set them so the sink would be 1/16" lower than the top of the cabinets, giving a caulking margin of at least that much. You should be able to cut the caulk with a wire garrotte, then remove the rails that support it and drop it out from underneath w/o disturbing the granite.
    Be careful not to drop the sink of your face while you're under there.
    I'm sorry you got cracks, a lot of people who bought very$$$ fireclay sinks got those cracks; A lot of us have suspected that the flange was overtightened by the plumber. My 2006 installation has not developed any cracks.
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