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    Default Drylock or paint cellar walls

    just bought an older home and am in process of building out cellar for business office with computers (5) and printers etc. bare cement walls appear to be dry after rain storm of 3+ inches recently. need opinion on whether i should just paint the walls or use drylock for insurance. there is good drainage in the yard (sandy).


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    Default Re: Drylock or paint cellar walls

    You may want to check on this product.
    Surewall Super Foundation Water proofing can be brushed on two coats will be required.

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    Default Re: Drylock or paint cellar walls

    When it comes to fighting water problems (even just potential ones) there is no 'overkill' so I'd use either what Clarence mentioned or UGL Drylock, which I've had good results with so long as it didn't have to handle too much moisture. Due to the nature of the equipment you'll have down there I'd also use a dehumidifier or at least monitor the humidity to be sure the HVAC system is taking care of things well enough.


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